We have been working for over 40 years in the precast field  designing and producing Machines and plants for concrete elements.

Thanks to our wide experience , our excellent organization, our highly skilled staff and our

Technical design department we are able to supply our customers with the best products and the best service.


We have a very well stocked SPARE-PARTS WAREHAOUSE granting an excellent TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND PROMPT DELIVERY.

Thanks to our wide range of products we are able to supply our customers with turnkey complete plants, equipments, accessories and spare-parts.

  • Complete Batching Plants : Batching Plants with dosing system by volume or by weight, Planetary mixers, Cement Batchers, Belts, Feeding belts, Batching Belts, cement screw conveyors.
  • Planetary mixers, double-axis mixers, mixers for concrete continuous production
  • Rotary/Vibration Pipe making machines and spare-parts
  • Self-propelled Fixed Blovk making machines and Mould for concrete blocks, moulds for paving stones and spare-parts.
  • Hydraulic, Mechanical Moulds for production of concrete elements, with continuous demoulding on vibrating Table. Moulds to be applied to DRAW machines, to Tilting Devices and Fast Tilting Devices. Moulds for concrete pits, plinth, Moulds for pipes, for Ossuary, Tombs and sewage pits. We produce moulds on our customers drawing and demand.
  • Vibrating Tables with electric control board with or without inverter, high frequency
  • Hydraulic/mechanical Clamps for lifting concrete elements. We produce Clamps on our customers demand
  • Silos and accessories
  • Ecological cement Filters and accessories
  • Hydraulic/mechanical Sweepers or polishing big yards